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In order to select the right flowmeter for an application, a wide range of knowledge is required.
In addition to choosing the best suited measuring principle, evaluation of different brands and their relative performance is also important.

Another point is the application competence, such as the consideration of the effect of different media, process conditions, corrosion and abrasion resistance.
Knowledge of Industry requirements is often needed as well in order to select and configure the correct instrument. In the food industry for example, hygienic design with compatible materials and surface finish are important.  In the automotive industry on the other hand they are more interested in small size/weight and the highest accuracy possible.

Last but not least, the need for preventive maintenance and device lifecycle data management creates new demands on today’s flowmeters, ease of programming and access to data via digital interfaces.

TrigasDM engineers can draw on many years of accumulated experience in the development of turbine flowmeters. But our expertise does not stop there because other flowmeters are no strangers to us.  In almost 35 years as an independent flow calibration laboratory, flowmeters of practically every measuring principle and every conceivable manufacturer in the market have already been installed, started-up, tested, calibrated and often repaired in our Lab.

TrigasDM is happy to pass on to you our accumulated know-how through interesting articles, application reports, success stories or comprehensive seminars. Customized on-site seminars are also offered on request, tailored to participants’ topics of interest.

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