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Chemical Industry

The pressing needs for measurement technology of flowing liquids and gases in the chemical industry are met by TrigasDM with a selection of sensors that offer not only material compatibility of sensors and seals, but some instruments also include fast and dependable process control.

hochwertiger Explosionsgeschützter Durchflussmesser TrigasDM

Whether it is measuring and dosing of additives, alcohols, demineralized water or cleaning liquids, controlling reactions or bi-directional measurements for monitoring valves and other components, TrigasDM offers you high-quality solutions for laboratory and process.

Our focus is on measuring and dosing of small amounts of liquids of varying viscosities, conductivities and other important properties.

We measure and regulate gases accurately, quickly and reliably with our Alicat mass flow meters and controllers, which measure mass and volumetric flow, pressure and temperature, all in one instrument.

The fast response time of 10 ms or less makes them ideal for controlling high-precision dosing and leakage applications.

preiswerte Alicat-Durchflussregeler aggressive Gase bei TrigasDM
Kurz-454FTB Einbau-Durchflussmesser - TrigasDM

Larger flow ranges are covered by the thermal Insertion Kurz sensors. Compared to expensive Venturi systems and Pitot tubes, these sensors have not only much wider measurement ranges, but they are also contamination-resistant, have a lower energy consumption, are simpler and less expensive to install and operate. They are designed to measure reliably and accurately, even in the presence of irregular flow profiles.

Therefor, they are the ideal solution for exhaust gas measurements in the stack, control of the primary air to the burner or reliable consumption measurements. We will gladly show you how these systems pay off in full within the first year.

In cooperation with our sister company TrigasFI we offer the calibration of all flow sensors up to 5000 l/min for liquids and 20000 Nl/min for gases, on request also with DAkkS ISO 17025 certificate.

Our new DAkkS accreditation expansion which now includes on-site calibrations even enables us to perform these services in-house at our customers’ locations.

We recommend the following products:

TrigasDM Turbinen präzise Durchflussmesstechnik

High Precision DM series turbine flow meter with versatile  threaded connection; also for bidirectional measurements, recommended for measuring demineralized water, solvents, alcohols or cleaning liquids in quantities up to 1300 lpm.

Durchflussmesser für minimale Geschwindigkeiten; Messwertaufnehmer TrigasDM

With our standard pickoffs you already get the benefit of a no-drag, stable RF carrier based sensor, working without magnetic fields which retard the turbine rotor motion or attracting metal particles which affect the dimension of the flow path and the velocity profile of the flowing liquid. High temperature versions, versions with integrated temperature sensor or with additional signal amplifiers optionally available;

TrigasDM TriLIN Linearisierungselektronik Durchflussmessung

TriLIN linearization electronics store the special UVC data that combine several calibrations of the turbine flowmeter for different viscosities with optional Temperature compensation which makes accurate flow measurement possible over the defined temperature and viscosity range.
Configurable as 2-channel version, for differential flow measurements (A-B consumption), bi-directional measurements, etc.;

preiswerter Alicat-Durchflussregeler Vakum bei TrigasDM exzellente Durchflussmesstechnik

The Alicat M Series for accurate gas measurement, whether stationary or battery-powered, not only provides a 5ms response time and accuracy of up to 0.4% of reading + 0,2% of full scale but has also a rugged design and insensitive to vibrations and humidity.

You can choose from up to 130 stored gas calibration curves and also create your own gas mixtures, without a new calibration and still staying fully within accuracy statement; A single device for a variety of applications!

preiswerte Alicat-Durchflussregeler aggressive Gase bei TrigasDM

Alicat MC Series, the fastest gas controller, provides with its special valves control times of below 50ms and therefore a brilliant stable control. User selectable units and a large display ensure easy operation and convenient reading of all parameters.

The connection to PLC or PC via bus interfaces enables easy integration into existing systems (also available as MCW in low pressure drop Whisper version).

Kurz-454FTB Einbau-Durchflussmesser - TrigasDM

For all applications in cracking processes, measuring combustion air to burners and flares, Kurz thermal meters are the ideal solution. Reliable measurement of emissions, but also the monitoring of ventilation pipes of low-pressure hydrocarbon reservoirs or the regulation of discharge valves to the flare – with Kurz thermal sensors you get a solution, which is successfully proven in these applications since many years.

They come with a long history of reliability, working under the most difficult flow conditions, in temperatures up to 500 ° C and unclean, polluted gases.

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