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Service starts for TrigasDM on the first customer contact and continues throughout the life cycle of our products.

Saving the performance

All of our flow meters are calibrated before shipping. We are able to calibrate with real viscosities, ensuring performance which is representative of actual operating conditions. Thanks to our experience, you can be sure that your flow meter will be optimally calibrated or adjusted.

TrigasDM is ISO 9001 accredited for our processes and services.

Through our partner company, TrigasFI GmbH, we can also provide DAkkS certification for these calibrations. TrigasFI was the first flow measurement laboratory in Europe to be DAkkS accredited for both liquid and gas calibrations.

Scaling and Programming

Normal calibration quantifies and documents flowmeter deviations from ideal behavior. In some flowmeters, such deviations can be eliminated or minimized by optional Scaling and/or Programming. This adjustment can be either mechanical or electrical, often requiring the use of specialized software. TrigasDM can perform this service for many types of flowmeters and associated electronics. Because of our status as an independent Lab, flowmeter manufacturers in many cases trust us with their original production software to perform troubleshooting, scaling and programming. Our Service Specialists receive periodic training as part of cooperation programs we have in place with many flowmeter manufacturers.

When you really need your flowmeters back in service quickly, we are prepared to do whatever is needed to ensure that you are up and running again with minimal delay, if necessary with our Express-Next-Day-Service.

Cleaning and fixing

We will not only show you how your flow meter performs. Is your flowmeter found to be outside spec? Is it defective?
No problem! We have the expertise to repair it and a large selection of spare parts in stock to do the job right.

A flow meter is an investment and repairing one is, in many cases, more cost effective than buying a new one. Your ailing meter will, in no time, be working as well as it did the first day you used it.