Präzision und Zuverlässigkeit

Exact gas measurement and fast control

One third of all flowmeters are used in gas applications. The large scope of gas measurement means that often we are presented with special challenges. TrigasDM offers mass flow metering, volumetric flow, pressure and temperature measurements simultaneously. Built in calibration for many gases, or define your own custom gas mix… all on one instrument. Such versatility ensures your flow measurement is accurate in every situation, even as your process conditions change.

If you want to measure, monitor or dose smallest ranges of gas flow very accruately, our Pelton flowmeter could be an ideal solution.

As a European distributor of Alicat Scientific, offer you equipment that can simultaneously measure gas massflow, gas pressure and temperature and also regulate the first two parameters. The integrated valves react extremely fast and therefore allow a precise adjustment of your processes.


With the Kurz Instruments range of thermal probes, we have an interesting alternative for you to monitor large volumes of gas that should be accurately and reliably measured despite of changing airflow profiles and heavy particle or moisture contamination.

For the accurate measurement of larger gas volumes in test benches and development applications, our sonic nozzles are a reliable solution that we use in our own calibrators. We will be happy to advise you also on your system.