Precision and Reliability

The TriLIN family of Smart Flow Transmitters and Linearizers is designed to be mounted directly on the flow meter head, remotely rack mounted or as a self standing IP 65 table top unit.

The TriLIN and TriLIN+T flow transmitters linearize flow sensor outputs and compensate in real time for viscosity, density, temperature and pressure effects.

TriLIN Linearisierungselektronik


  • TriLIN

Linearizing without temperature compensation

TriLIN Linearisierungselektronik
  • TriLIN+T

Linearizing + temperature compensation

Connecting a temperature sensor allows the device to compensate for the temperature of the medium and the resulting viscosity changes.

TriLIN+T Linearisierungselektronik
  • TriLIN+T Display

Linearizing + temperature compensation + 4 digit display

TriLIN+T Display Linearisierungselektronik


  • RS232 Communication
  • Programmable via PC Software.
  • No password requirement (the user can scale and program for his own application)
  • PT100 Input (TriLIN+T)
  • Pressure Input for Gas Applications
  • UVC correction capability
  • Mass and Normal/Standard flow output using linearized temperature and pressure (for gases)
  • Resolution 16 bit