TrigasDM hochwertige Durchflussmesstechnik


Precision and Reliability

TriGear Linearisierungselektronik

The TriGear is a flow computer capable of linearizing and applying viscosity correction to PD (Positive Displacement) flowmeters such as Gear, Oval Gear, Helical and any other type that is sensitive to viscosity changes.

It corrects in real time for viscosity changes and displays current flow rate, temperature and viscosity.  Up to 5 different fluids can be stored and selected by the user.

Flow rate and temperature outputs (0-10V) are also standard and flow direction capability is built in.

Product Information:



  • Flow output signal in frequency or as an analog signal.
  • 18 bit digital / 16 bit analog IO
  • Extra output signal for temperature (analog 0-10 V)
  • No password requirement (the user can scale and program for his own application)