TrigasDM hochwertige Durchflussmesstechnik


Precision and Reliability

files/DM_Bilder/TrigasDM MiniTriLIN SIL Adaption.png

It is designed for direct mounting on turbine flowmeters. A flowmeter pickoff with built-in Temperature sensor is part of the system. Versions are also available for Turbine Flowmeters from other manufacturers.

Windows based programming software is available as well as programming cables (USB connection to PC). It is also offered as a DIRECT 1-to-1 replacement of the Flow Technology SIL (Smart Integral Linearizer).
This variant uses the same connector and it generates the same outputs as the SIL. It can therefore be installed in existing SIL applications and be connected to the existing SIL wiring. Simply, unplug the SIL and plug in the TriLIN.