TrigasDM hochwertige Durchflussmesstechnik


Precision and Reliability

Linearizing Electronics for Turbine and Pelton Flowsensors

The TriLIN family of Smart Flow Transmitters and Linearizers is designed to be mounted directly on the flow meter head, remotely rack mounted or as a self standing IP 65 table top unit.

The TriLIN and TriLIN+T flow transmitters linearize flow sensor outputs and compensate in real time for viscosity, density, temperature and pressure effects.


Choose according to your application:

  • Lysis an intelligent and compact flow transmitter. It linearizes the output signals of the sensor and compensates in real time viscosity, density and temperature. If you combine it with a smart pickoff it will automatically detect the connected pickoff with the complete calibration data as a plug-and-play-system.
  • TriLIN flow transmitters linearizes sensor output signals and compensates in real time viscosity, density, temperature and pressure.
  • Mini TriLIN has been designed for direct installation on the flow meter. It also includes an integrated temperature sensor.
  • TriGear provides linearization of measuring signals especially for gear wheel meters, gearboxes, and other flowmeters that are sensitive to viscosity changes.