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Test Benches and mobile Applications

Automotive Industry

hochwertiger Explosionsgeschützter Durchflussmesser TrigasDM

TrigasDM is valued by major companies in the automotive industry, especially also in racing applications, as a supplier of high-quality flow measurement technology.

Test bench users and laboratories require highly accurate and reliable flow sensors that offer fast response, have no warm-up time requirements and are universally applicable to oils, fuels, and coolants.

In mobile applications for test vehicles, small, lightweight sensors are required, that do not cause additional vibrations and have the lowest possible pressure loss.

TrigasDM offers flow sensors, especially developed for such applications, which can easily be customized and adapted for special applications according to customer requirements.

Mobile Messtechnik Testfahrzeugen: Lysis Durchflusstransmitter mit TrigasDM Druchflussmesser-Pickoff

Electronics, like amplifiers and linearizers, are also exposed to harsh conditions. Installed in the engine, they must be robust, vibration and water resistant, must fit in the smallest of spaces and withstand operating temperatures of up to 125°C. TrigasDM has developed special space-saving products to meet all these requirements, with a complete IP68 rating (including the mating connector) and which are not bigger than a 10 cm long piece of cooling water pipe.

We recommend the following products:

TrigasDM DM2-Turbinen präzise Durchflussmesstechnik

High-precision DM series turbine flow meter, light weight version, with hose connection, recommended for measurement of fuels and coolants up to a range of 2000 l/min, especially for mobile applications in vehicles

SMART Pickoff Messwertaufnehmer mit integriertem Temperatursensor Trigas Durchflussmesser

Low profile Smart Pickoffs, with the flowmeter calibration data stored internally.  They allow out turbine flowmeters to be connected to any of our Lysis linearizers offering a true plug & play/measure solution; now also with built-in temperature compensation! Especially recommended for mobile applications.

Lysis Durchflusstransmitter TrigasDM

Lysis linearization electronics, designed for Smart Pickoffs as plug & play/measure system; space-saving construction fits easily into the vehicle as well as the motor compartment, capable of operating at temperatures of up to 125 ° C, IP68 including connector.  Now also with temperature compensation! Recommended for mobile applications!

TrigasDM Turbinen präzise Durchflussmesstechnik

High Precision DM series turbine flow meter with versatile  threaded connection; also for bidirectional measurements,
recommended for test benches

Durchflussmesser für minimale Geschwindigkeiten; Messwertaufnehmer TrigasDM

With our standard pickoffs you already get the benefit of a no-drag, stable RF carrier based sensor, working without magnetic fields which retard the turbine rotor motion or attracting metal particles which affect the dimension of the flow path and the velocity profile of the flowing liquid. High temperature versions, versions with integrated temperature sensor or with additional signal amplifiers optionally available; recommended for test benches

TrigasDM TriLIN Linearisierungselektronik Durchflussmessung

TriLIN linearization electronics store the special UVC data that combine several calibrations of the turbine flowmeter for different viscosities with optional Temperature compensation which makes accurate flow measurement possible over the defined temperature and viscosity range.
Configurable as 2-channel version, for differential flow measurements (A-B consumption), bi-directional measurements, etc.; recommended for test benches

preiswerter Alicat-Durchflussregeler Vakum bei TrigasDM exzellente Durchflussmesstechnik

Alicat MW Series is a low pressure drop mass flow meter. With only a few mbar of pressure drop Alicat Whisper meters are the ideal solution for many precision measurements. It provides not only a very quick response time of 10 ms and an accuracy of up to 0.4%  of reading + 0,2% of full scale, of reading, but it is also robust and insensitive to shocks and moisture. You can choose from up to 130 stored gas calibration curves and create your own gas mixtures without a new calibration and still staying fully within accuracy statement; A single device for a variety of applications!

preiswerte Alicat-Durchflussregeler aggressive Gase bei TrigasDM

Alicat MC Series, the fastest gas controller, provides with its special valves control times of below 50ms and therefore a brilliant stable control. User selectable units and a large display ensure easy operation and convenient reading of all parameters. The connection to PLC or PC via bus interfaces enables easy integration into existing systems. (also available as MCW in low pressure drop Whisper version)

günstiger PCD Absolut- oder Relativdruckregler TrigasDM Durchflussmesstechnik

Alicat PCD series, the gas pressure controller with the integrated quick valves (available with up-, downstream or 2 valves) and the high repeatability of 0,08% of full scale guarantees a stable process control and is available for different pressure ranges. User selectable units and a large display ensure easy operation and convenient reading of all parameters. The connection to PLC or PC via bus interfaces enables easy integration into existing systems.

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Measuring of Battery Cooling Liquids with HighTech DM-Turbine Flowmeters

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One Click: Flow to CAN

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High accurate Control of Gas Mixtures with special Control Loop Option

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The no-pressure loss flowmeter fallacy

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Pressure Control Loop feature of Alicat to control closed Pressure Systems

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Hot, dirty, wet - a challenge for any flowmeter. Here comes the solution for your difficult applications!

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